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ELGG Downoad & Installation

Elgg installation procedure for novice user:

(Tips before proceeding, to execute commands use terminal(find terminal in applications–>accessories ), login-name is username, give username, if it ask you password,)

  1. Download elgg framework from http://www.elgg.org, prefer stable edition than beta version.
  2. Extract it, copy the content inside elgg folder not the elgg folder.
  3. Create a folder inside webserver using this command “sudo mkdir /opt/lampp/htdocs/elgg”.
  4. Use the following command to enable RW permission for folder we created “sudo chown login-name /opt/lampp/htdocs/elgg”.
  5. Goto elgg folder /opt/lampp/htdocs/elgg.
  6. Paste the contents here.
  7. Open firefox, type the following url “http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  8. create a database named as “elgg_db”.
  9. Open another tab, type the following url “http://localhost/elgg”.
  10. Give database username as “root” and leave password field as empty.
  11. Give database name as “elgg_db”, press save.
  12. This screen gives a message, copy the content of textarea box, create a file named as “settings.php” inside engine dir of elgg, paste the content inside settings.php, reload firefox.
  13. This screen also gives a message, copy the content of textarea box, create a file named as “.htaccess” inside elgg dir and paste the content inside .htaccess, reload firefox.
  14. Give the information as it needs, at particular box it needs a location, so that it can store it’s uploaded files and folders, mention as “/home/login-name/elgg/”
  15. Create a folder in /home, “sudo mkdir /home/login-name/elgg”, and change the permission of this folder “sudo chmod 777 /home/login-name/elgg”.
  16. In elgg first registrant is considered as administrator.
  17. Proceed and finish the installation successfully.
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