Open Source

  • Open Source refers to any program whose source code is available for use & we can modify it depends on thier needs….at free of cost.
  • Open Source software is usually developed as a public colloboration & made freely available…
  • Open Source is owned by “OPEN SOURCE INITIATIVE (OSI)“.

Terms of OSI :

  • The S/W being distributed must be redistributed to anyone else without any Restrictions.
  • The Source code must be made available.

How to make money with Open Source?

  • Ask for donations.
  • Include advertisements on your download page ( You can include Google Adwords as a quick way to get advertisers ).
  • Create custom features for companies ( Many companies who use open source software require special features. Eg.Facebook Applications)
  • Sell related software or hardware.
  • Charge a maintenance fee.
  • Charge a fee for commercial use.
  • Gain job experience.

Example :

  • MySQL is Open Source Software.

Reference :

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