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Raja Fruit Stall(ராஜா பழக்கடை,இலுப்பூர்)


Shop : Raja Fruit Stall.(20 Years old Fruit Shop)

Owner : Formed by M.S.Periyasamy Ayya& N.Muthulaxmi Ammal and now run by M.S.P.Raja & Sons.

Items : Fruits (Grapes,Apple,Pomegranate,Orange,Mango,Pineapple),Cooldrinks(Pepsi,Cola…),Season Items(Fish,Crackers) & Travels

Type of Business : Wholesaler & Retailer.

Motto : Delivering Goods with Smiling Face.


"ANGEL in our HEAVEN"(எங்க வீட்டு தேவதை)

History : Start with Rs.20 Investment.

Goal : Planned to Form a Store to get all Home Needs.In Future we also want to form a RajaMangai Group of Companies

Location : Main Road,Illuppur.

Mobile : 9443950559,9524157950,9994117488.

Website : www.rajafruitmundy.limewebs.com

Contact : M.S.P.Raja,

Raja Fruit Stall,



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