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How to Download &Install Elgg.

1.Create One Database (Eg : Win )

2.Download Elgg file from http://www.elgg.org.Extract it & copy that File.

3.Create Folder & Access :

a.open Terminal & type command below. cd /opt/lampp/htdocs/


b.Make Folder to paste Elgg File.

sudo mkdir Win

sudo chmod 777 Win (Access Mode).

4.Paste the downloaded Contents in Win.

5.Open Firefox & type http://localhost/Win….Then Refresh.

6.One form will appear with asking following details:

Username = root.

Password = Leaved it as Empty.

Elgg Database = Win. Then Press Save.

7.One Text Box will appear & Copy the Contents which is in inside the TextBox.

a.Select Engine Folder in win.

b.Create New File & Save as settings.php.

c.Paste the Textbox Content here.

d.Refresh the Form.

8.Create One folder in Home.

a.home->fp041->Win->properties->permissions->change folder access as : Create & Delete Files.

b.Close it.

9.Then Fill the Details in Form.

a.In One Field You Should Give Like : /home/fp041/Win/


10.The Elgg base site will open Successfully.

  1. September 30, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    I am trying to upload a working website from my Windows pc to server with mySQL. I understand your directions for a pc download and I read the article about Duplicate Install but can’t seem to get it to read the database. Eventually I want to do a multi-site application.

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