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What is Elgg?


  • Elgg is a Social Networking Framework.
  • Using this,We can create our own Social Networking site.
  • It Gives the Necessary Functionalities & Plugins to develop a Website.
  • Example :  Facebook(Public) & Microsoft Sharepoint (Networked Intranet).

Elgg Requirements:

  • Elgg Requires a Web Server(Apache),the PHP Scripting Language & MySQL Database.
  • MySQL – 5 or Greater.
  • PHP – 5.2 or Greater with extensions of Graphical Processing (GD)
  • Elgg also using the following web servers. – lighttpd,nginx,IIS.

Elgg History :

  • Why named Elgg?  –> Nothing Special. It’s one of the town in Switzerland.
  • Elgg inventor  –>  It’s backed by a company called “Curverider”.
  • Elgg is an Open Source Product.
  • Elgg is released under GNU public license v2(Free License Software).This,means that the Source code is licensed to you.
  • The GPL is the first and foremost copyleft license, which means that derived works can only be distributed under the same license terms.
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