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Elgg Tips – Pagination Work

How to add one css file in elgg PHP File (Ex.pagination.php) :

<style type=text/css>
.class name   {

Add your css code like above before php code starts ie, before <? php …..coding…..   ?>

How to print in ELgg :

Syntax : echo elgg_echo(” statements “);

Example :


echo elgg_echo(” Vijayakumar Raja<br>Illuppur “);

echo elgg_echo(” $count “);

Others :

$vars[ ‘url’ ];     —>    url of the site. ( Ex : http://localhost/firstplanet)

$vars[ ‘baseurl’ ]    —->     url of the current page. ( Ex : http://localhost/firstplanet/pg/members)

Where Should Change?

if i want to customize the pagination where should i change?


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